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All started with the cotton 'netshirt' at the end of fifties. This classic is still in production.

The development and production of our registered brand Nature Wild started some 10 years ago in our family business. The company for this project - Studio Pigma - was founded year 2000.

Our products are being constantly improved not forgetting the original idea that very few compromises are made with wool as the rawmaterial. We have the know how and capacity in the family for a small production, but in case of big series and severe amounts we have organised a functioning making up network as a part of our production reliability.

Our know how is based on theoretical studies and over 40 years experience in knitting and making up. Finnish army has been a perfect companion in product development over decades. During the recent years Finnish Marine Research organisation has been a significant companion in the development of our wool articles.

The Association for Finnish Work has authorised Studio Pigma as the maker of the goods to use the Key Flag symbol, which confirms the Finnish origin of our products.